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Lift Truck Types

If you look at the lift trucks from the past, you would see that the lifts made today have changed dramatically. However, the initial purpose of the lift has changed very little. Regardless, today, you will find lifts with all types of configurations, along with many that are considered ‚specialty‚ lifts. As you will see below, although there are differences, each has very specific use.

Motorized Pallet

These truck lifts are similar to a pallet jack only motorized. This type of lift is used primarily for moving pallets loads frequently and over distances between storage areas and departments. These lifts are also affordable, easy to operate, and offer high maneuverability. For this reason, the motorized pallet truck is very popular.

Electric Counterbalanced

This truck is a multipurpose vehicle that is used for loading trailers and moving pallet, rack, and stack loads. The one thing to consider is that this lift does require at least 11 feet or more to turn.

Internal Combustion Counterbalanced

Very similar to the electric counterbalanced truck, this type can be used indoors or outdoors whereas the electric model is for indoor use only. Because of the special ventilation system, you will not have to worry about air pollution.

Order Selector

The order selector lift is used for hand loading pallets that are not full loads. With this lift, you can easily load quantities in and out of selective racks. Because of the design, the order selector works well in narrow aisles of six feet or more.

Reach Truck

With a reach truck, you can use it in aisles ranging from eight to eleven feet. This type of truck lift is ideal for racked pallet storage and if you like, you can choose from the double deep version that can handle load pallets two deep.

Swing Mast Truck

Swinging out 90 degrees, this type of lift truck can facilitate the placement of pallets in racking in narrow aisles of six feet or less.

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