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Lift Truck Features

Just as you would find with a regular automobile, lift trucks also come a number of excellent features. For starters, manufacturers have found that the more comfortable a lift truck, the more productive they will be. Therefore, new designs have been created to ensure an operator can do his or her job to the ultimate level.

In fact, some of the features are considered among top ergonomics made. Obviously, when a lift truck operator is happy, then the work is improved, which then leads to higher levels of productivity and a happy employer. If you consider that forklift operators sit sometimes eight hours a day, they need to be comfortable. In addition to comfort, these ergonomic features also prevent on-the-job health and injury claims.

The following are some of the options you will find on the lift trucks made today:

Seats The seats made for forklifts are now like a regular car seat. Of all the features, this is perhaps the most crucial when it comes to comfort. Again, operators often sit for eight hours. That means they need to proper padding, support, and overall comfort.

Some of the newer designs include semi-suspension adjustable seats with four-way supports for forward, aft, back-tilt angle, and even different weights. This way, the operator can work with the level of cushioning best for him or her. One seat for instance is a hydraulic mounted seat with cushions that actually change in gravity and force. You will even find seats with armrests.

Controls This area has also been improved upon. The controls you will find today provide enhanced operability. As an example, some of the control handles are actually designed with multiple functions built right in. This reduces repetitive motion and makes operation much easier.

Cab Design The cabs today are much larger than they used to be, providing the operator with more floor space, heating systems, and improved visibility. These new designs means the operator does not have to bend as much when getting in and out of a truck.

Although there are no laws the dictate what an employer must do regarding ergonomics and lift trucks, warehouse and other industry management understand the importance in making these changes.

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