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Warehouse Lift Glossary

When it comes to managing or owning a warehouse, there is an entirely separate language. Learning this language is not only beneficial, but can also ensure safety. Below, we have provided some of the most commonly used terms used in warehouse industries to make things easier for you.
  1. Ball Slides These devices are simple and designed to provide a smooth motion that can be accurately controlled with the rotation of a drive mechanism

  2. Check Valves These self-activating safety valves help prevent process flow from going into reverse

  3. Crossed Roller Slides These slides provide simple linear motion and consist of a stationary base that has a moving carriage. The rollers then cross 90 degrees by alternating. Additionally, the rollers are enclosed in rails, giving added support.

  4. Digitizer Tablets This is a pressure sensitive data input device, which responds to movement of a mouse, pen, or other device for selecting a graphic image

  5. Dock Lifts These lifts raise and lower loads

  6. Dovetail Slides These slides are also linear motion devices, allowing positioning and motion to move along a linear axis.

  7. Ergonomic Devices In this case, these devices help eliminate sources of physical stress and injury from operating machinery

  8. Forklifts Most warehouses have forklifts, which are used to engage, lift, and transfer pallet loads

  9. Industrial Lifters These lifters move or position materials or products

  10. Lift Tables These tables are designed to raise and position work pieces for ergonomic access

  11. Linear Stages / Linear Slides The stages are actually slides that have a drive mechanism, which provides precise positioning along a linear axis. The slides are linear motion devices that have a stationary base with moving carriage.

  12. Rotary Tables These tables help orientate items to be machined, assembled, or worked on

  13. Slewing Rings and Turntable Bearings These work with radial, axial, and moment loads

  14. Shakers, Shock, and Vibration Testing These are used to provide shock, vibration, or modal excitation for analysis and testing

  15. Vacuum Lifters These consist of a below the hook frame and large vacuum pad that works to grab rolls, plates, sheets, and smooth surface items

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