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Forklift Glossary

To help you understand the various factors associated with a forklift, a glossary can assist. The information below will serve as your guide, providing you with useful and up-to-date information.


SRO/SRN is the acronym for Static Return to Off or Neutral. This safety feature is built in, making the operator return the directional lever to the neutral position whenever the seat or key switch is open.

PMT PMT stands for Pulse Monitor Trip and is yet another built in safety feature. In this case, the length of the number one REC or Main SCR is monitored. If the number one REC is on too long, the control system will automatically trip the directional contactors. However, if the number one REC is shortened or not turned off properly, the forklift will go full speed with no control, which is highly dangerous. The circuitry in the control is designed to monitor the accelerator pedalās position and can disable the control from starting should the accelerator pedal become depressed in any way whatsoever.

Emergency Reversal Circuit

This circuit is primarily found in the newer Mosfet Control Systems and is a feature that becomes activated by a switch that immediately reverses the vehicle whenever necessary.


This electronic pathway goes between two or more points, carrying an electrical current. To have a complete circuit, there has to be a power source, which some comes from the resistance.

Anytime a person operates a forklift or is responsible for someone operating a forklift, it is crucial that as much information be absorbed as possible. The more information a person can know the better chance they have at safety. Just a little time studying is worth its weight in gold when it comes to preventing injury or worse.

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