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Common Lift Trucks & Forklifts

Warehouse and storage units around the country use lift trucks and forklifts to perform daily tasks. Without these lifts, the products being stored would not be moved and customers orders would not be filled. Therefore, for a warehouse or storage unit, regardless of industry, lift trucks and forklifts are a vital part of the business.

Class I Electric Motor

Counterbalanced Trucks These lifts are designed specifically for short distance moves consisting of pallets and other loads that would require the lift operator to get off and on the lift frequently.

Three-Wheel Electric, Sit Down This type of forklift is perfect for longer distanced. Additionally, operation is restricted to floor space, meaning the forklift would require a tight turning radius, aided by a single rear wheel.

Counterbalanced, Sit Down With this lift, loads up to 10,000 pounds would be moved long distances. Additionally, the loads could be moved down standard size storage aisles to be put up and for picking in racks of numerous heights.

Class II Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks

High Lift Saddle With this lift, pallet loads up to 4,000 pounds could be stacked in multiple level storage racks. The straddle legs then provide added stability since this design does not have the counterbalance.

Order Picker This forklift is made to lift the actual operator on a platform that is positioned along the forks. With this ability, the operator can then pick items or cases of the product needed.

Sideloader, Platform For oversized loads in narrow aisles, this lift has an outrigger platform that is stable even during transportation. Since the mast does not pivot, putting away and retrieval of products is similar to that of a counterbalanced truck.

Reach Type Outrigger Designed for two-pallet deep storage down narrow aisles, this lift uses a pantograph that extends into the rack. With the outrigger arms, you have the assurance of stability.

Sideloader, Highlift Pallet This type of lift truck is designed to store pallets in very narrow aisles with heights of 25-feet ore more. The mast can rotate 90 degrees, moving to one side or another.

Remember, there are many other lift options but these are just a few of the ones most often used.

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