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Two Post Lift Guide

If you have been looking around for the right type of lift for your workshop, chances are you have been led to or at least given information on the two post lifts. For one, the two post lifts are the most popular on the market today but even more than that, they are reasonably priced, convenient, effective, and safe! While there are many things, you should know about the two-post lift, we have chosen some of the most important to discuss in this article.

Mechanical Safety Locks

Since safety is the number one issue for the two-post lift or any lift for that matter, you want to ensure you buy a lift that features all-position safeties. One of the best you can buy is made by Mohawk for several reasons. First, these safeties are specilly designed to engage every two inches, all the way to the top. The reason this means so much is that other manufacturers have lifts that only engage every 18 inches, and sometimes, 36 inches. That means if a car should start to fall, it would have to go more than a foot before the safeties catch.


The carriage is also an important aspect of your decision. In this case, you want to look for one that has a three-quarter inch welded steel plate, like that built by Mohawk. Again, many other manufacturers use only thin sheet metal, which can bend, becoming stressed quite easily.

The most important aspect of the carriage is the welding. If the carriage is not as strong as possible, then you are setting yourself up for disaster. The type of carriage you should consider is one that is designed so that the swing arms fit securely with the carriage between two pieces of steel plate, and each three quarters of an inch thick.


While most people do not give it much though, the bearings, although small, are also important when it comes to the safety and efficiency of a two-post lift. For example, taking Mohawk for example again, they have steel ball bearings that are top of the line. All of their two-post lifts use16, double-sealed and self-lubricating ball bearing rollers. To make it better, these are then housed inside steel casings that are found throughout the entire carriage design.

The thing to remember is that you begin your search you consider even the small parts, in that they do make a big difference.

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