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Truck Lift

If you were in the market for a truck lift, you will see from the few examples below that there are a number of excellent solutions. Whether painting working on your truck, and whether the work is begin done in your shop or at home, a truck lift can save you hours of time by making your job easier and more convenient.

Tomahawk 9000 The unique design of this truck lift makes it one of the top sellers. For starters, you can choose from asymmetric or symmetric operation, a full, 220-degree arm rotation, four triple telescoping arms, an adjustable width ranging from 10 6 to 12 6, clear floor and overhead, and single or dual point control. However, in addition to this standard features, this lift comes with other benefits such as:
  • Fast and easy setup (no walkng around or reaching over columns)
  • No floor plates
  • No overhead beams
  • Wide doors for easy access
  • Five-year warranty on all parts one-year warranty on labor
  • Hydraulic safety system, offering redundant backup against line failure
  • Internal velocity fuse controls
  • Pressure compensated flow control
  • Automatic arm restraints
System I (10,000 pound clear floor lift) This truck lift is heavy duty and offers a number of excellent features such as an adjustable height overhead with stainless steel hydraulic lines, automatic arm restraints, an all-position safety latch rack, six-inch adaptor, three and six-inch stacking quick connect adaptors, monarch hydraulic power unit, and more. For example, these are other features with this truck lift
  • Columns constructed from three-quarter inch thick masts
  • Carriage rolls on eight double sealed and self-lubricating ball bearing rollers
  • Adjustable column width
  • Five-year limited warranty
These and other truck lifts operate with the same premise. First, hydraulic fluid is pumped between the two cylinders by going through the overhead hydraulic lines, which are made from stainless steel. Next, because the hydraulic system is synchronized, the need for restrictive height covers, cables, pulleys, floor plates, and equalizer chains is eliminated.

Then, to raise the carriages, heavy-duty leaf chains along with twin bearings found on each cylinder goes to work. The chain lifting is great in that it eliminates any fray, stretching, maintenance, and replacement of screw or cable lifts.

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