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Parallelogram Lifts

Have you ever wondered how those huge vehicles such are serviced? With a normal size car or truck, they can simply be placed on a lift so the mechanic can get underneath to work. However, with many military vehicles for example, a typically lift would simply not hold. In this case, a special lift called a Parallelogram is used. These lifts are so massive and powerful, they can easily accommodate vehicles weighing, 36,000, 50,000, 75,000, and 100,000 pounds! After all, even the big vehicles need servicing from time to time.

With a Parallelogram lift, you have plenty of work area because of the no obstructive tie bar construction. This way, there is nothing in your way between the runways. To operate this lift, all you have to do is learn how to handle the three-buttn operation. One button is to raise the lift, a second button lowers it, and a third button parks, or locks the lift. That is all there is to it. The 24-volt controls are designed for 100% operator safety, offering lockout standard and an easily programmable control.

The internal computer is made in the United States by GE, as are the wiring, control components, 24-volt DC power unit, fuses, starter box, and step-down transformer. With the design of the Parallelogram lift, you will be amazed at just how easy it is to operate. The base design is made specifically to offer complete stability in that it weight is spread throughout the lift. In addition to stability, this also ensures more strength.

What makes this Mohawk lift so interesting other than its incredible ability is that it only requires a small, six-inch concrete space. However, there are even more great things about this lift. For example, the air hydraulic tire dolly and counterbalanced manual make the removal of heavy trucks not just simple, but also safe. In fact, it is so easy that one person can do it alone. For added security, there are safety latch racks, all made from laser cut, high-strength T-1 steel.

Even more reason to consider the Parallelogram lift is that you can choose the optional rolling air hydraulic jacks, which can be operated individually. With these jacks, the wheels free service is simple to use. Another optional feature is the florescent runway lighting, perfect for illuminating the undercarriage. Finally, to take advantage of your shop space, the Parallelogram lift is installed in a pit so that the mount is recessed. This way, the lift is not visible unless in use.

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