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Kind of Lifts

The market is flooded with all different types of lifts. Some lifts are designed specifically for pallet load in warehouse type industries, some lifts help pull boats out of the water, some lifts are used by automatics working cars or trucks, and so on. In this article, we will provide more information about the types of lifts you might find.

In-Ground This type of lift is placed below the garage floor and is designed to operate on one or more pistons, depending on the weight of the vehicle being lifted, as well as the vehicle type. These lifts are made to work with all types of vehicles, as well as undercarriage service. For example, you can choose from a drive-through model, pad model, single post model, multi-post axle model, and more

With a surface mounted lift, they are bolted into the floor and then powered with an electrical motor, which uses a screw type drive or hydraulic pump.

Two Post This is the most popular type of surface lift, which uses arms that ride up the side columns. In most cases, these arms operate in synchronization with electricity, hydraulics, or mechanics.

Frame Engaging Hinge This type of lift typically engages the frame or perimeter of the vehicle and are powered by electricity, hydraulic power, or in short-rise service lifts, compressed air

Wheel Engaging Primarily used for lifting mufflers, performing oil changes, or working on transmissions, this lift is designed so the vehicle can drive directly onto two runways, which then lifts the tires so the underside of the vehicle is exposed.

Moveable Type Wheel Engaging If you have unconventional type vehicles such as a transit bus, this lift would be the ideal choice. The columns are independent, consisting of electrically powered unites that are interconnected with the other columns and then a master that works to synchronize the lifts, ensuring they operate and lift in perfect unison.

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