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Four Post Lifts

Typically, a four post lift is used for heavy duty vehicles such as school busses, motor homes, ambulances, dump trucks, utility trucks, courier trucks, and so on, although it can be used for standard cars too. When looking to add a four post lift to your shop, you need to make sure you put safety first. To give you some recommendations on the best lifts on the market, consider the following models:

TR-19 and TR-25 - Made by Mohawk, these four post lifts can handle 19,000 and 25,000 respectively. Take the TR-25 for instance, this particular four post lift is designed with a surface mounted operation, which ensures environmental liability and service problems are avoided. With this model, you can choose from an indoor or outdoor installation, both being quick and easy.

Additinally, with this four post lift, you will find that you have complete, under-vehicle access, without having to deal with any side obstructions, such as you would find with a parallelogram or scissor lift. Additionally, with the clear floor design, you can move things such as tool boxes and jacks from one side to the other without difficulty. Even the 24-inch runway provides you with better access, giving you a full 48 inches of space. Finally, this lift offers a lifting height of five-foot, nine-inches and because the runways are adjustable, they can handle a 25,000 vehicle with no problem.

TR-33 - Also made by Mohawk, this four post lift can accommodate up to 33,000 pounds, making it the ideal choice for school and public transit buses, oversized trucks and vans, motor homes, and all types of fleet vehicles. The design of this lift is such that no wheelbase adjustment is ever needed. With this lift, you will have complete, under-vehicle access and with the surface mounted design, you will not have to worry about environmental issues.

Other features include a clear floor design so you can move shop equipment, tool boxes, and other things needed to do your job around with ease. The runways offer 24 inches, giving you a maximum undercarriage of four inches. Additionally, you will enjoy the six-foot lifting height, and safety benefits that include a single point lock release, multi-position mechanical safety locks located in all the posts, redundant hydraulic safety backup, direct lift cylinders at each post, and mechanical side-to-side chain synchronization. You will have the option of choosing a 20, 25, or 30-foot runway as well. Finally, the Mohawk offers a full, five-year warranty.

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