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Car Lift

Are you trying to determine the best car lift to buy for your needs? If so, you have probably already discovered that the market is flooded with options, making the decision-making process grueling. Instead of battling over which car lift to choose, consider the following recommendations:

Mohawk System I This model is a 10,000-pound, clear floor lift. With this particular car lift, you will enjoy a number of benefits, some of which include:
  • Three or six-inch adaptor
  • Large, four-inch twin cylinders
  • Adjustable height overhead with stainless steel hydraulic lines
  • All-position safety latch rack
  • Three and six-inch stacking quick connect adaptors
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Three-quarter inch footrint (increased stability and less floor stress)
  • Monarch Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Optional 110-volt ground fault outlet
However, in addition to the above, you will also enjoy benefits such as carriage rolls that are self-lubricating, blocked-C shaped forklift masts (for a lifetime of trouble-free service), heavy duty cylinders, a three and one-half-inch low profile swing arm that fits nicely under most low riding sports vehicles, an adjustable column width, and more!

Mohawk FP Series (four post lifts with 10,000, 12,000, and 14,000-pound capacity) With these car lifts, you can choose between an open or closed beam, as well as alignment and flat deck models. The Mohawk FP series is versatile and loaded with benefits that include:
  • Alignment track lengths of 175 inches, 205 inches, and 235 inches
  • Full, 10-foot clearance (between columns)
  • Wheel free air or hydraulic jacks (4,500, 6,000, 7,000, or 8,000 pound capacity)
  • Turntables or turntable cut outs for popular brand turntables ranging from 14 to 18 inches, as well as 60-inch long, rear side slip plates
  • Shallow approach ramp (for low riding cars)
  • Deck rise of 72 inches (for tall mechanics)
Model USL-6000 (6,000-pound capacity universal scissor lift) This full-rise, full-featured car lift is one of the most popular on the market. Some of the exceptional features include:
  • Multi-position safety locks
  • Six-foot lifting height
  • Twin heavy duty three-inch cylinders
  • Complete portability
  • Single point air lock release
  • Rotating swing arms
  • Your choice of 110- or 220-volt power unit
  • No post design
  • Quick loading
  • Unrestricted under vehicle access
  • No installation
  • Flush mount available
  • Usability indoors or outdoors on level, concrete surface
No matter what your reason for needing a car lift, you will discover that these options will make the job easier, safer, and more enjoyable. When choosing the right car lift for your needs, consider the size of area where you will need to place the lift, the type of cars you work on, and the type of work you do.

Obviously, safety is the number one consideration but after that, you want a car lift that will make your job easier. For example, if you have a shop with little room, then you want to choose a lift that is designed without posts or made to fit into small areas. You will find many excellent options from which to choose, most with great warranties and at an affordable price.

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