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Auto Lift

Whether you work as a mechanic in an auto repair shop or simply love working on cars as a hobby at home, there are numerous times when the car needs to be lifted to get to the underside. To make the job easy and safe, you need to consider an auto lift. Some of the options listed below are top of the line and ones to consider.

Mohawk Model A7 (7,000 pound Asymmetric Lift) As one of the most popular lifts, you will be overwhelmed by all the features offered
  • Low four-inch swing arms (perfect for working on low riding sports vehicles)
  • Adjustable height overhead stainless steel hydraulic lines
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Large, four-inch twin cylinders
  • All-position safety latch rack
  • Large, three-quarter-incfootprint (better stability and lower floor stress)
  • Monarch hydraulic power unit
  • Stacking three, six, and nine-inch truck adaptors
With these and other features, you are guaranteed a steadier and safer lift. The overall construction is outstanding, making the Mohawk A7 a very popular choice. Best of all, you will be given a five-year inclusive warranty plus the industrys only lifetime cylinder warranty. Finally, if you prefer to lease this auto lift, you can with plans ranging from one to five years. Tomahawk 9000 Lift With this particular auto lift, you will find a number of excellent features to include:
  • Four triple telescoping arms
  • Asymmetric or symmetric design operation
  • Clear floor and overhead
  • Full, 220-degree arm rotation
  • Single point and Dual Point control
  • Adjustable width (from 106 to 126)
The benefits of the Tomahawk 9000 are what usually capture the buyers attention. For example, because the doors can be opened wide, access is each and the truck can balance safer. Additionally, because you have a choice of operation (asymmetric or symmetric), you can reach any lift point from any position. Other benefits include quick and easy setups, the elimination of floor plates and overhead beams, and a five-year warranty on all the parts plus, a one-year warranty on labor!

Mohawk Model TP-20 (20,000-Pound Lift) With this auto lift, you will enjoy a full line of benefits. With the footprint measuring 48 inches wide by 30 inches deep with a one-inch thick plate, you know you have the ultimate in balance and stability. Other popular features of this particular auto lift include the following:
  • Large base for stability and proper load distribution
  • All-position hydraulic and mechanical safety systems lock the vehicle at whatever working height you need
  • Three horsepower single or three phase hydraulic/electric power
  • Two, large twin hydraulic cylinders (optional five-horsepower motor)
  • Can lift up to 20,000 pounds
  • Surface mounted bolts to shop floor
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Works well for light to medium duty vehicles
  • 7 x 1-inch fork lift mast channels
  • Carriages are double sealed and self-lubricating
  • Direct drive lifting rods
Mohawk Model TP-18/TP-26/TP-30 (20,000-Pound Lift) These styles of auto lift offer surface mounted operation, which means that environmental liabilities and service problems found with ground lifts are eliminated. Other benefits that you will enjoy include:
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Twin post design for complete under-vehicle access
  • Three or five-horsepower electric motor
  • Special arm length to work with specific fleet wheelbases
  • Takes up little space

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