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Wheelchair Lifts - Trains

Traveling by train is something that people do all the time across the country. Some people travel by train for business while others prefer it as a mode of transportation for taking pleasure trips. Regardless of the reason, for the person in a wheelchair, this can be a challenge.

The good news is that new wheelchair lifts have been developed specifically for people that travel by train. These lifts make accessibility easy and the lifts are reliable, fast, and very affordable. These lifts are positioned and raised manually, which is what makes them such a great option for trains.
  • Getting the wheelchair lift in position is done quickly
  • To cycle, takes just less than three minutes
  • These wheelchair lifts are easy to operate, coming with easy instructions
  • Proven record of reliability in varying outdoor temperatures
  • Cost effective, generally less than $10 a year for maintenance
  • ADA compliant
Many of the wheelchair manufacturers have been working with the airlines and AMTRAK for years, maintaining hundreds of units for people to use. Whether the client is large or small, these lifts come in a number of sizes to accommodate.

Another type of wheelchair lift for trains is called a Multiramp. This design is perfect for heavy wheelchairs, as well as scooters. This type of lift and others like it make it possible for people to travel and not feel as though they have lost their independence. Additionally, these lifts are designed in such a way that people can maintain dignity and integrity.

Therefore, if you are someone that needs or wants to travel by train but live in a wheelchair, you no longer have to be stuck in one place. Now you can get around like everyone else, enjoying all the sights of North America. If you have a trip being planned, be sure to ask the train you will be traveling on what locations they offer a lift for so you can plan your trip better.

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