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Wheelchair Lifts - Buildings

For people in wheelchairs, getting in and out of buildings can be a trying time. To help this situation, you will find a number of wheelchair lifts on the market. For example, one that provides a person access to outdoor bleachers, elevated platforms, stages, and other similar areas is currently used by the thousands in churches, schools, auditoriums, historical buildings, and such here in the United States and Canada.

This particular type of wheelchair lift is manually powered, making it a breeze to use. This type of lift is also very portable and since it requires no electricity, people love it. Without batteries, electrical components, and hydraulic features, these lifts are very reliable and require little to no maintenance.

For this wheelchair lift, you can have it customized to fit your specific needs. Best of all, these lifts are affordable while providing you access to the things you enjoy in life. Other benefits to experience includ the following:
  • No control operations, which means there is no special training needed
  • This manual operation only needs five pounds of crank force for every 150 pounds of load
  • The elevation time for this wheelchair lift is approximately 30 seconds, reaching maximum heights
  • Pictogram decals are provided, taking out any guesswork
For the mobility of this wheelchair, these benefits make this a popular choice:
  • Four pounds of pressure is all you need to start the wheelchair lift moving on level, hard surfaces
  • This lift can easily move over uneven surfaces
  • Very self-sufficient
  • The lift can accommodate up to 268 pounds
  • Easily transported in the back of a pickup truck
Other things that make this wheelchair lift a favorite are that it is affordable and structural modifications or permanent installation is not required. Finally, this wheelchair lift is tested in the factory with 3,000 pounds and proven extremely safe.

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