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Toilet Seat Lifts

Most people take every day things for granted to include the toilet. However, for people with bad backs, bad knees, arthritis, or having just undergone surgery, getting up and down off the toilet can be a major feat.

For this very purpose, toilet seat lifts can assist. These powered seats are designed to lift and lower a person gently off the toilet so sore joints and muscles do not have to work so hard. As you will see from the information below, you have many different options to help make living easier.

AirLift Raised Toilet Seat 3004 This type of powered toilet seat lift is designed to fit most toilets and can handle up to 200 pounds. Although you can always find this model on sale, they average without sale price around $325.

Heavy Duty AirLift Raised Toilet Seat 3006 This raised toilet seat is a little more advanced and will fit standard toilets. Additionally, this lift can easily accommodate up to 270 pounds and is priced btween $300 and $400.

Electric SeatLift If you need a toilet seat that can handle more weight, this would be an excellent choice. With the ability to handle up to 300 pounds and priced around $600, this lift has been a benefit to many people around the country.

No matter what type of toilet seat lift you choose, your life will be made easier. This equipment works by absorbing the users weight and then guiding them down and up with just the push of a button. The great thing is that they fit standard toilets so you would not have to buy a new toilet or make modifications to your existing one. Other benefits include:
  • Struts that are air-powered and adjustable
  • One or two-handed safety release
  • Arms that flip back out of the way for easy access
  • Holder for pants so they can be reached easily
  • Seat can be substituted when used by people without disabilities
  • Quick and easy installation.

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