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Patient Lifts

Patient lifts are lifts that can be used in a hospital setting, nursing home, or even a private home in the care of an elderly or disabled person. Instead of having to push, pull, and lift someone on your own, you can purchase a patient lift and have it do the work for you. As you will see from the examples below, there is a multitude of options.

Take the Reliant Plus Lift by Invacare. Although you can find this lift on sale occasionally, it generally runs around $1,300 and is an excellent buy. With this lift, the caregiver is protected from back injury. Additionally, because the patient would need to be lifted, he or she can be hoisted up while keeping a high level of dignity. This lift can easily accommodate up to 450 pounds, offers a smooth operation, and plenty of access so that medical hoses, IV stands, potty chairs, and so on are not in the way.

Phoenix Lift

Another popular choice is the Phoenix Lift, which costs around $850. ith this design, the operation allows you to take your scooter or powered wheelchair anywhere you want. All you do is lift the equipment into a van or SUV and off you go. This lift provides the individual using it flexibility and independence. Some of the best features include a boom that rotates 360 degrees, convenient switches for smooth operation, lift and latch that locks the arms into the raised position, and more

Lift with Low Base

If you need a good, strong lift that can hold up to 450 pounds, this is it. This lift is priced around $1,400, making it a real bargain considering all the features you get. Additionally, this lift works for both the caregiver and the patient. Features for this lift include base legs that can be adjusted quickly and easily. Additionally the legs are designed to lock into place with a padded shifter handle. This provides the optimal protection on all moving parts.

You will also find that the base is covered and therefore, protected against dirt, moisture, and wear. This lift has a height range perfect for lifting the patient from the floor or from a high bed or chair. Even the 360-degree swivel bar is padded for the best in comfort. With this feature, you can use a six-point hookup and not worry about it getting in the way of any chains or straps. Finally, this lift comes with an excellent three warranty on the lift and a one-year warranty on the hydraulic pump.

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