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Lift Chairs

Many people have difficulty getting up and down from chairs, whether from arthritis, post-surgical healing, age, or any other reason. With a lift chair, you do not have to do the work. Instead, you would allow the chair to do the lifting for you. All you do is sit there, push a button, and the chair raises to help you stand or be seated.

There are many different types of lift chairs on the market today and with new technological advancements, they not only operate easier, but look great, just like ordinary chairs. Take the Jazzy chair as an example. This is currently one of the highest performing chairs sold today. It is easy to use and has helped thousands of people up and down all across the country.

With a mid-wheel design, the center of gravity and point of balance provide high stability. When sitting in the chair, you would feel as though in a normal chair. The chair is comfortable and fits the body nicely. Then, as you raise or lower the chair, you will find that th movements are smooth and precise, which means no jerking to you.

The nice thing about lift chairs is that they can be used in any room of the home. Because the fabrics used are much nicer than they used to be, they fit into any décor. Additionally, because they are so comfortable, you could sit back to watch your favorite movie, work on a project, read a book, and sink right into the chair.

Another type of lift chair is similar to a scooter. In this case, the individual can get around with 100% mobility and then to stand up or sit down, they would allow the lifting feature of the chair to do the work for them. Benefits of this type of lift chair include:
  • Height adjustable removable arms
  • Drop-in foot rests
  • Removable foot plates
  • Lap belts
  • Oxygen tank holder
  • Rear basket
  • Cup holder
  • Walker holder
The whole concept of the lift chair is to help people that have lost mobility to regain it. For people that have arthritis, finding that standing and sitting in chairs is painful, these chairs bring freedom. Generally, you will have the option of choosing from a basic model to something on the luxury end. Regardless, with a lift chair, you are no longer limited to where you can sit in your own home or while out shopping.

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