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Lift Chair Types

Lift chairs are chairs designed to raise and lower with the use of a motor, helping people with disabilities a way to get up and down out of chairs with little to no effort. When it comes to lift chairs, there are a number of different types on the market, as you will see in this article.
  • First, you will find many different types of casual chairs that look like a simple recliner. These chairs are very economical but with the European style, they would look nice in any room.
  • Another option is called a gentle lift chair. With this style, you would enjoy a more traditional appearance with the button back.
  • Luxury lift chairs are more luxurious, and typically made with rich, deluxe type fabrics. Other benefits to a luxury chair is the design, which includes a soft foam seat and pillow back, as well as oversized arms. These lifts are considered the best and would therefore, look beautiful in elegant rooms.
  • Leather lift chairs are very popular in that the supple leater is soft and cozy. Generally, a leather lift chair would be custom ordered. With this style, you can be contemporary or traditional.
Other types of chair lifts would be designed with a manufacturers own style, typically a special series that only they make. These lifts might be built wider, made with special or imported fabric, or have some unique aspect to the design, setting them apart from other manufacturers.

Included in these chair lifts you would expect to find one or two styles that are called signature styles. Additionally, a value series consisting of several different designs is common. Regardless of the manufacturer you choose, it is important that you choose one not just on look, but functionality.

Chair lifts work by raising the seat area so people do not have to lift themselves up. Instead, they allow the chair to do the lifting for them. Another feature is that the lift helps a person be seated. With the seat bottom tilted, the person would simply rest back against it, push a button, and within seconds, the seat slowly and smoothly lowers to a seated position.

As you can imagine, lift chairs are very beneficial for many reasons. As mentioned, these chairs are great for people with disabilities but also help people recovering from surgery, women just having had a baby, someone with a low back injury, and so on. Best of all, many lift chairs are not expensive and in some cases, insurance may cover. Therefore, if you are tired of struggling to stand and sit, consider a lift chair to help.

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