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Lift Chair Overview

You might have seen commercials about lift chairs or perhaps even know someone that has one. However, you may also be questioning whether a lift chair is right for you. First, remember that lift chairs today are designed so they will enhance any room décor. Instead of being cold, industrial looking, these chairs are warm and cozy, while also helping you stand up and sit down.

To help you see the types of chair lifts now on the market, consider these top options:

Traditional These lift chairs are designed with the standard button back look and have a medium foam level on the seat and back. In most cases, this lift chair will have a nice warranty and can be purchased for around $500.

Casual Lift Chairs With the casual lift chair, the styling is very nice, perfect for family rooms and dens. This chair has firm foam on the seat and back, and runs on average $475.

Deluxe Lift Chair Stepping up a little, the deluxe type model is made with beautiful, quality fabrics. The seat and back have a soft foam construction, the arms are soft and overstuffed, and the price is still affordable around $650.

Leather Lift Chair Top of the line, the leather lift chair is made with beautiful, supple leather. Because of the materials used, these lift chairs are customized to provide optimal comfort. Obviously, because of the material and labor that goes into making this type of lift chair, you would expect to pay $1,000 or more, but well worth it.

In addition to a recliner type chair as seen above, lift chairs are used in a number of other situations. For example, you will find toilet seat lifts, which are designed to mechanically help someone up and down, lift chair tables that are actual side tables that can be raised and lowered with the push of a button, and stair lifts. These lift chairs are professionally installed, allowing a person to sit down while being carried up or down stairs. The concept of the lift chair has helped thousands of people with mobility, giving them back some of the lost freedom.

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