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Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

For people in wheelchairs, whether getting out and about daily, or just for special occasions, you will find a number of excellent commercial lifts on the market to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Take the Braun Millennium Series for example. This series of wheelchair lifts is actually very popular and for good reason. For one thing, Braun has been developing lifts for more than 25 years, working hard to create new designs and keep up with technology for the sake of the customer. The result is a great series that is ADA compliant.

With Braun wheelchair lifts, you have the assurance that they will do their job for years. Designed to fit a number of different transit vehicles, these lifts come in a number of styles, ensuring there is one to fit your particular needs. To give you a few examples of why these are such a great choice, consider some of the top features:
  • Hand-held controls, all clearly marked
  • Rocker switches, making operation easy and uncomplicated
  • ARS (Automatic Roll Stop), which is fully engaged prior to the platform leaving the ground
  • Manual backup system so the lift can be operated even without electrical power
When it comes to commercial wheelchair lifts, Braun has taken the industry by storm. For example, consider the Vista Series. With this option, it has a unique stacking feature, which allows the platform to be stowed below window level. For most people, this is an extra special benefit, of actually being able to see outside while traveling. Additionally, the design has a dual, parallel arm that was designed after the Millennium Series. This arm works by providing a smooth and durable lift, time after time. Other features that you would enjoy include:
  • Hand-held remote controls, all clearly marked
  • Rocker switches for smooth operation
  • Easy folding and unfolding cycles
  • Interlocking safety belt
  • ARS (Automatic Roll Stop)

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