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Structure Supported Lifts

If you were in the market for a structure-supported lift, you will find a number of excellent choices. One such option is from a manufacturer called Stannah. With this particular lift, people love it in that it can be installed just about anywhere. Because this type of lift does not require a load-bearing wall, but only a firm base, solid floor, and headroom support, it is a popular choice.

What you will get with this structure-supported lift is a ton of benefits, as you will see below:

First, you will not need any inserts. Because of this, you will find it easier to build while enjoying a nice cost savings.

Again, this lift does not require a load-bearing wall so not only is it easier to build, but also less expensive.

Another benefit is that this lift is that you would not need a lifting beam to be built to the top of the lift shaft. Again, this is a huge money saving feature.

You also do not have to worry about scaffolding on the majority of models. Instead, you can erect the lift without it, which helps cut back on cost and any disruption. Since you would not need as much labor, the workforce operates smoother.

Additionally, to test the lifting load for the lifting beam, you are not required to hire a structural engineer. Since engineers come at a hefty price, this is yet another way of saving money.

Whatever your building program, it will be simplified with the Stannah structure, supported lift.

No separate pit access ladder is needed, nor are lintels.

Keep in mind that a full front finish is not available at the landing entrance. However, as you can see from the advantages above, this is certainly an excellent consideration. If you need moreinformation on this type of lift, you can contact the company and they would be happy to provide you with all the data needed to make the best choice.

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