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Special Lift Types

In addition to the standard type lifts, many special lifts are available that are also a huge value to many businesses. In this article, we will provide some information on the not so common lifts, so you know exactly what all your options are when buying a lift for your business.

Sideshift Scissor Lift

This type of lift is designed specifically for welding processes. The platform on this lift is designed to move in either direction, which then allows the operator to gain access to two different work areas. The design is also highly safe in that it eliminates the need for the operator to climb stairs to reach the area being worked.

Adjustable Work Platform

This type of lift is also unique in that businesses that have varying shaped products cannot always benefit from a standard lift. In this case, the platform actually has portions of the deck that can be removed to accommodate those different size products. Since the center platform can open up, an operator could use the overhead lighting to get to areas otherwise difficult to reach

Work Platforms with Tip-Downs

This lift design is a pneumatically powered scissor model that has a tip-down platform on both ends. With this feature, the operator can gain access to three sides of a truck cab. Then on the opposite end is another platform, giving access of the total product.

Scissor Lift with Collapsible Rail

If you have a business where drilling or riveting machines need to move about freely and over the product, this would be the ideal solution. This lift has pneumatically powered personnel scissors with collapsible raise. With this feature, the lift can be folded to a compact size. What this means to the operator isthat he or she can finish the work without needing to move or reposition the lift.

Overhead Personnel Lift

Customers around the country were looking for a way to gain access to the inside and outside of large mining truck boxes, thus the development of the Overhead Personnel Lift. With this lift, the operator can customize this three-axis pneumatic powered overhead lift system and complete their work. If your business were in building structure and project design, you would enjoy the benefits offered by this lift.

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