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Snow Resort Lifts

If you have ever gone snow skiing, then you have ridden on a snow resort lift. These lifts take skiers from the bottom of the mountain to various levels up the mountain so they can then ski back down. Depending on the size of the resort, the age of the resort, and the finances of the resort, the lift can vary from a simply T-Bar to a high tech chair lift.

Surface Lifts

We will start with surface lifts, which are designed to take the skier a shorter distance, and are usually used, for gentle, green slopes. Some of the lifts in this category include:
  • Rope Tow This type of lift is literally a rope with knots so that as the skier is in position, the rope two would come around and while standing, the skier would grab onto a knot and be pulled up the slope

  • J and T-Bars Similar to a rope tow, these lifts actually have a small bar that you sit on as you are pulled up the mountain

  • Poma Lift Also like the J and T-Bars, this lift has a platter that the skier can sit on while being pulled

Of all lift types, the chair lift is the most common. Both skiers and snowboarders can use these lifts. Additionally, chair lifts are generally used for the larger and more advanced blue and black runs. Now, if not ridden correctly, chair lifts can cause injury.

Therefore, you need to get on and off as intended. First, you would stand at a predetermined marker, waiting for the chair to come up behind you. Then, with your knees bent slightly, you would look to the outside, reaching with your outside hand to grab onto the pole. When you feel the chair bump the back of your legs, you simply sit down and allow the lift to scoop you up.

To get out of a chair lift, as youpproach the exit platform, you want to shimmy your buttocks to the edge of the seat. Then, just as the lift crests over the flat area, you would stand up. When you do this, you will then have your skis pointing down on the gentle slope. Quickly but carefully, ski away so the people coming up behind you can also exit.

Cabin Lifts and Gondolas

Finally, the largest and most comfortable snow resort lift is the cabin lift or gondola. Most of the larger ski resorts use this type of lift for the larger runs and the runs that go up the mountain furthest. Since the higher you go the colder it becomes, this type of enclosed lift will keep the skier and snowboarder comfortable and safe.

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