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Parking Lifts

Most people have heard of car and truck lifts, and changes are, have had their vehicle at one time or another to have the oil changed, new tires put on, the transmission worked on, and so on. However, a term that many people are not familiar with is parking lift.

This concept is one showing up across the country, making a huge different for business owners and employees alike. Okay, so what are parking lifts? These are just what they sound, lifts that are stackable and used for parking, both short and long term. There are a number of different types of parking lifts and to help you understand best, we have provided some of the various uses.

Four-Post Residential Parking Lift
  • This parking lift is very easy to use with features such as extra strength rounded posts, lightweight aluminum ramps, single point lock release, 7,000 pound weight capacity, and much more. Other standard features include:
  • Non-Sag Trucks or if you prefer, you can choose the solid platform
  • Rustproof Drip Pans so leaking vehicles from above to not cause damage to cars below
  • Extra Wheel Stops
  • Extra Lifting Height
  • Ten separate locking positions
  • Cylinders that are three and one-half inch in diameter
  • Heave Duty Power Unit
  • Aircraft Quality Cables
Single Post Standard Parking Lift

The unique design provides an adjustable track width feature, along with unrestricted access on the drivers side. With this lift, there are no posts to get in the way or ding doors. Standard features for this parking lift include the following:
  • 6,500-pound capacity
  • Open Tracks for easy under vehicle viewing
  • Top clearance of 12 feet
  • Multiple Locking Positions
  • Single Point Electric Lock lease
Two-Post Park Lift

This lift is designed to provide maximum efficiency, especially for commercial applications. You would find this particular type of parking lift used by hotels, downtown parking garages, and other similar situations.
  • Loaded with features, this type of lift is very popular. With its excellent lifting ability and clearance, it works well with all types of vehicles. Other features would include such things as:
  • 9,000-pound capacity
  • Shared post design for shared saving
  • Positive Locking Mechanism
  • Cable Equalization Mechanism
  • Works with both concrete or asphalt
  • Single Point Control Panel (electric lock release)
  • Powder-Coated Finish
  • Shared or Individual Power Units

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