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Loading Dock

When it comes to loading docks, there are many different options, some good and others not quite as good. One of the options that are considered top of the line is Rite-Hite. This particular company is located in Wisconsin and known around the world for being a leader when it comes to development, manufacturing, and sale of loading docks.

With Rite-Hite and other loading dock companies, the number one concern should be over safety. From there, you want a dock that allows high levels of productivity and will help to lower your overall operating expenses. One of the best things is to find a company that can offer you a wide range of products to include hydraulic, air-powered, and mechanical dock levelers, truck levelers, dock seals and shelters, high-speed doors, vehicle restraints, cooler/freezer doors, traffic/impact doors, and even parts and service. By finding a company that can serve as a one-stop-shop, you will generally get better and more affordable products.

Remember when considering building a loading dock that literally thousands of lift trucks run off them every year. You want a company that can take modern technology and build a line of dock levelers for you, making sure that each one meets the strict guidelines of codes and project managers.

Another problem being seen more and more often with loading docks is the burning of dock seals caused by the heat of the trailer marker lights. Not only is this problem an issue regarding safety, but it can also be an expensive problem to fix. Another option to consider is using one of the new clean design stores under the dock leveler pit.

If your business is located in a cold area of the country, you want to provide a place for your employees to work that is safe and comfortable, while also not allowing money to be wasted. Today, you will find many new cold storage door solutions, designed to close thegap between traditional type insulated doors. In addition, solutions are also available for high-speed doors, which are built to open and close quickly so hot air from the inside does not escape and the building does not fill with cold air from the outside.

Many businesses are still using loading dock equipment that comes from the original product lines, meaning they have a dock leveler and vehicle restraining system and that is all. However, in 1991, new options began emerging to include many of the benefits mentioned. These changes came about when too many trailer separation accidents were happening and manufacturers realized something needed to change. Because of this, exclusive products were designed and built, creating a much safer environment for people.

For example, you can now find hydraulic dock levelers, which features a solid steel impact barrier. This barrier is designed specifically to keep forklifts from accidentally running off the edge of a vacant dock, which was a common problem prior to the change in product offering. Another new loading dock feature is a wheel restraint for trailers that do not have an ICC bar. Finally, you will even find sectional doors with ergonomic breakthrough safety features. Therefore, if you need to update your existing loading docks or you are building a new line, take your time to look around at the new options available. You will keep employees safe, protect trailers and trucks, reduce or eliminate unnecessary accidents, and help lower your overall operating costs.

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