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Lift Overview

Trying to determine the best and right type of lift to buy can be daunting. In recent years, more and more models have been introduced, which is a good thing but it also makes choosing more difficult. As you will see in this article, when it comes to lifts, whether for a car, heavy truck, or to use in a warehouse, you will have a number of excellent options.

Advance Loading Dock Equipment

Advance Loading Dock Equipment is electrical and UL approved and designed with a controller box. Additionally, the integrated torsionally rigid structure and wide stance of the base frame ensure maximum support and stability. The scissor legs are connected with torsionally rigid torque tubes and the platform designed as a box beam. These two features combine add to the overall security of the structure.

This particular type of lift also has a hydraulic system with industrial grade cylinders that are made with steel front bearing blocks. These cylinders are also Teflon coated, steel backed, sintered, and come with lifetime lubricated bearings. The pistons are equipped with nylon glass, each filled with wear rings. Additionally, each cylinder rod is constructed with stress-proof steel and the housings are welded using lathe and spud welders.

For added safety, the cylinders come equipped with internal mechanical stops to prevent the rod from coming out of the housing. This way, you are not required to depend on external stops to prevent the lift from collapsing when in the full rise position. Finally, you will enjoy the multi-step paint process, which consists of the primer going through an oven to bake it on. This helps the equipment last years longer than air dry paint methods.

Advanced Lifts

With the Advanced brand, you will find that all models, regardless of which one you like, can be modfied to offer portability. For this reason, Advanced lifts are very popular. If you choose to have a portable model, another advantage is that it can be designed with a DC 123-volt, deep cycle batter power option, as well as a built-in starter charger.

For the Lite models, many of these can simply be plugged into a standard 110-volt wall outlet. Additionally, these lifts have hydraulic return lines designed on the cylinders that helps prevent oil leakage. For this reason, these models are the ideal solution for laboratory or office use where the environment needs to be clean. The nice thing about the Lite lifts is that even though they are smaller and lighter, they can still stand up to any type of industrial application.

Another option for lift offered by Advanced is the Bin Tiller, which reduces the need to bend or stoop. This type of lift is available in both portable and non-portable options. For the portable models, they come equipped with a 12-volt DC, deep-cycle battery power unit, and built-in starter whereas the non-portable model has a one-horsepower, AC 110-volt motor. Regardless, both type models are designed with hydraulic return lines on the cylinders to stop oil leakage.

Lift, turn, and turntables are also very popular choices. In fact, you will discover that you have hundreds of standard lift models from which to choose, ensuring there is something for every personās needs. Typically, these lifts come with a two-horsepower motor to give longer life and the scissor legs are milled instead of being burned, which provides longer lift life and greater stability.

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