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Automated Lift Systems

Automated lift systems are a reliable and efficient means of transporting materials. Take Pflow Automated Systems for instance. These lifts are specially designed to match the operations needs. With Pflow, you will find simple designs that might include a two-level application, up to multi-level and very sophisticated designs. These systems are designed to work both horizontally and vertically, providing top performance for all conveying needs.

Depending on the model chosen, these lifts go up to a 15,000-pound capacity. Additionally, the automated lift systems have a standard carriage size of 10 x 12 feet. Other benefits to this type of lift system include the following:
  • Multi configuration options
  • Flexible patterns for loading and unloading
  • PLC-based controls
  • Specified to weight, size, and load type, as well as throughput requirements
  • Full queue signals
  • Warning signals
  • Conditions Lightsand more
The types of industries that would use an automated lift system include paper plants, automotive parts manufacturers, and brake casting foundries, grocery distributors, truck frame manufacturers, and university libraries. To give you an idea of how this lift system can benefit these specific industries, consider a few.

Automotive parts manufacturers For the system used here, you would see one that offers two VRCs, each connected by 75 feet of roller conveyor that has been installed within a tunnel. This lift would also incorporate a reversing system as a way of accommodating outbound loads, while returning the empty containers. The design then uses transfer cars to move heavy or odd sized loads. Included with this system is a load buffer zone at each end of the tunnel. Finally, to check the positions on the track for outbound and returned containers, you would fid photo eyes installed.

Grocery Distributors For this industry, the lift system consists of dual, side-by-side automated systems that are designed to provide a continuous two-way flow of pallet loads that go back and forth between the warehouse floor and shipping dock. Additionally, all of the controls are programmable and designed to accommodate multiple traffic flow patterns. Best of all, the system can ensure pallets are being delivered to the warehouse, one to the dock, and another dedicated to other areas.

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