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Watercraft Lifts

Personal watercraft lifts are made of several different materials but one of the best to consider is lifts made from aluminum. This material is very lightweight and better yet, low maintenance. To ensure durability and stability, these lifts are then secured with stainless steel cables and hardware with bearings at pivot points.

This type of watercraft lift can accommodate a three-person, sit-down boat. Other features of this type of lift include:
  • The single personal watercraft can easily be converted to a double personal watercraft lift, simply by using a conversion kit
  • Comes with a standard hand winch, perfect for mounting on either side of the craft
  • Pivoting feet
  • Only quality pieces of hardware and cabling nothing galvanized or plated
  • 15-year warranty
To give you an idea of the various models of the watercraft lift, consider these:
  • Model PL800 Holds up to 800 pounds, lifting height of 40 inches, maximum beam 52 inches, overall width of 60 inches, and average price of $650
  • Model PL800DBL Two at 800 pounds each, lifting height of 40 inches, maximum beam of two at 52 inches each, overall width of 120 inches, and average asking price of $1,100 PL1200W Capacity of 1,200 pounds, lifting height of 46 inches, maximum beam 87 inches, overall width of 98 inches, and average cost of $1,000
These lifts are designed to last and to make putting a boat in the water and then taking it out safe and easy. If you were interested in buying a watercraft lift, but want to save money, you might consider looking at the various models toward the end of the boating season. Many times, this will provide you with the best price without having to sacrifice on the quality.

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