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Boat Lift Types

If you already have a boat on the water, or are considering buying a boat then you also need to determine the type of lift that will be used for getting the boat in and out of the water. The purpose of a boat lift is two-fold - to protect the boat and to make entry and exit from the water easy and convenient.

Although the type of boat lift you consider will depend on the type and size of boat you have, or the convenience you want, the lifts listed below are some of the more popular choices.

Side Mount

These lifts are mounted so they pick the boat up from the sides. The price will vary depend on the features you choose but in general, you would expect to pay around $2500. With the side mount lift, you would see these standard features:
  • 2,800-pound capacity
  • Arm length - 72 inches
  • Power - 110V or 20A
  • Motors - Two, one-half hp with GRI
Seawall Mount

With this mount, it is attached directly to the seawall so the boat can be lifted out by its side. This type of lift is typically a little more expensive, averaging $4,000. You can choose from a number of tracks, which include 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20-feet. The seawall mount has an 8,000-pound capacity and works well in canals or locations where pilings cannot be driven.

Aluminum Boat Lifts

Available in a 6,000-pound capacity, the aluminum boat lifts cost on average $3,400. These lifts are also loaded with standard features, to include:
  • Aluminum bunks with rubber hull protectors
  • Cable winders
  • Aluminum drive shafts
  • Double channel cradle beam
  • Sealed motors
Aluminum Boat Lifts

You can also choose this lift in other weight capacities, including 20,000 pounds. This lift costs an average of $6,500 and comes with all the standard features seen with the above aluminum boat lift.

Cradle Kit

This wood mount can accommodate a variety of weights to include 3,000 and 6,000 pounds. These kits are not difficult to build and come with features such as:
  • AMS 3000 Motor and Gear Plate
  • Strap Bearings
  • Bearing Brackets
  • 80-Foot of Galvanized Cable
  • Pulleys
  • Bolts
  • Cable Clamps
  • Chock Brackets and Bolts
  • Cradle Beams and Bolts
Other lifts you would find include Boat House Lifts, PWC Lifts, Davits, Piling Mount Lifts, and More...

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