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Floating Dock

If you are looking for a dock that is lightweight, low maintenance, and provides outstanding durability, you might consider a floating dock for your boat. While a floating dock can be made of many types of materials, the best option is one constructed from aluminum and heavy-duty polyethylene flotation tanks.

The bridge framework is designed using top engineering principles, ensuring you have the optimum strength with the minimum weight. The open sides are wave resistant and even the upper support has a solid aluminum lower rod. Then, you can choose from a four or six-foot option, both giving you plenty of room.

The floating dock also comes with extra reinforcement, being constructed with angle crosbars and strong beaming throughout. You will even be able to enjoy a number of accessories that include some of the following:
  • Dock section end caps
  • Benches
  • Dock ramps
In addition, you will have the opportunity to choose the deck you like best. Most people consider both function and appearance when choosing a floating dock. As you will see, you are given many great options from which to choose.
  • QT Powder Coated All-Aluminum With this option, you will enjoy a baked on finish to help cut down on the slippery surface. Other benefits include a corrosion resistant surface, low weight, exceptional strength, and sound deadening material.
  • Vinyl With vinyl, you are getting a very durable material that has an embossed surface to cut down on slippage. Additionally, vinyl is low weight and has a unique honeycomb design.
  • Cedar Many things are made of cedar for two reasons this type of wood is naturally weather resistant and it looks incredible. Then to help provide solid footing, you will enjoy the 5/4-inch radiused smooth planks.
  • Skid Guard The waffle like panel is textured with a heavy-duty phenolic overlay that is very resistant to chipping and peeling while offering outstanding traction.
Another benefit of a floating dock includes the ecking that is attached with nuts and bolts. Depending on the floating dock you choose, some are made from stainless steel, which is even better. This way, you know that the screws or rivets will not work themselves loose.

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