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Floating Boat Lifts

If you are looking for a boatlift that offers flexibility, reliability, and durability, the floating hydraulic lift would be something to consider. This type of floating boat lift is loaded with all types of features and benefits that include:

Ease of Use Powered by a 15 amp, 110-volt electricity and a simple garden how, this float can be used in all types of water communities. The lift is fast and level, and can be controlled with one push of a remote button.

Portability The floating boat lift is also very portable, meaning you can use it from one marina to another. You will even find some types of lifts that can be upsized to accommodate larger size vessels.

Flexibility With the floating boat lift, boats up to 30,000 pounds can be accommodated. These lifts are so flexible that you could use them in fresh or saltwater. Best of all, even when the water becomes rough, the lift will remain stable.

Appearance This type of boat lift has a nice clean profile that is low in the water. Therefore, if you want to look out to the water, your view will not be blocked by a bulky lift

Installation The thing that most boaters love about floating boat lifts is that to install and use them, no permits are required.

The unique design and operability are just two of the things that make the floating boat lift so popular. With innovative technology, and a sleek design, now you can put your boat in and take your boat out of the water with ease.

Finally, the floating boat lift is made from corrosion-resistant materials and top quality polyethylene. All the components are made from stainless steel so you do not have to spend your time trying to keep up on maintenance. Instead, you can enjoy getting your boat out on the water without any hassle.

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