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Float Lifts

FloatLift is a brand of boat lift that is completely different from other types of lifts. With this design, you will enjoy high-speed hydraulic service that can accommodate any water location to include bulkheads, marinas, docks, and so on.

The power source for this lift is actually powered by solar energy so you do not have to worry about AC power. This way, the lift can be used in remote areas where electricity is not provided. Additionally, this lift has a lightweight aluminum frame that is designed with industrial grade pontoons. The result of this design is that your boat will be raised in as little as three feet of water.

If you want, you can store your boat in salt or freshwater, shallow or deepwater. The freedom and flexibility of this lift is what makes it so popular. Then, add on the portability, and you now have the perfect lift. To operate the FloatLift, all you have to do is press a remote control button and the hydraulic system goes to work.

Very smoothly and safely, the boat is lowered into the water, all in 30 seconds. Even better, you can stop the lowering stage at any point, which allows for quick entry and exit of passengers and unloading of equipment.

Another great selling point to the FloatLift is the durability. Constructed with stainless steel fasteners, you will not have to spend time worrying about your boat or the lift‚s operation. In addition, the design features foam filled plastic floats, perfect for serving as a catwalk when you need to do a boat inspection or work on your boat.

Once the lift lowers the boat into the water, it can be used as a guidance system since the bunks are angled and can therefore help with stopping the boat. With this type of lift, you have the option of a number of choices to include chains, cables, or dock lines. If you prefer, the underwater mooring system could be used.

Another option is called the HoverCover, which has proven to be revolutionary. Working together with the lift, this helps by lifting and lowering the lift, which makes it easier for passengers to board the boat. Then, there is the Sunstream SpinLift, which is designed with an upper platform that is mounted onto a turntable so launching and landing is easy.

To use this system, all you do is lower or raise the lift from the cockpit, using the remote control. After spending a quality day out on the water, when you come back to the lift, the deck is ramped and lowered into position again, so passengers can exit the boat easily and safely.

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