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Drive on Boat Lifts

Drive on boat lifts are an excellent way to bring your boat in and out of the water. The design is unique and efficient. For instance, you will find an interior tubular bunk system that helps maintain support of the boat around the keel. The benefit here is that surface contact is avoided. Then, the exterior tubular bunk system gives lateral stability to the boat when loading the boat onto the lift, or even when boarding passengers.

Other benefits include the winch turret that is designed to help with bringing the craft forward if you want to pull it out of the water overnight. Additionally, there is a winch assisted launch system that has a pulley to pull the boat backward. Then, there is the keel guidance track. In this case, the recessed area is designed to help guide the boat and then center it onto the lift. These are just a few of the many different features you would enjoy with a drive on boat lift.

These lifts come in a wide array of sizes, ranging from a universal 12-foot dock up to 26 foot. In addition, there are options for wide body boats and those that work best with a tight budget. Other types of drive on boat lifts include the airlift dock, which is also available in a number of sizes, the inboard competition ski boat lift, designed obviously for ski boats, the pontoon and power catamaran boat lifts, and then combination lifts. With this latter option, you could literally pull three different size boats up to the same dock, lined up neatly in a row.

The great thing about drive on boat lifts is that they are all safe in ice. This problem is one that other types of lifts do not do well with but the drive on boat lift can handle ice without difficulty.

These lifts are also designed specifically to handle hurricanes. Considering all the hurricanes seen on the East Coast in 2004, this would be a huge advantage for many people. Instead of worrying about losing a boat, with this type of lift, you would have more confidence that your boat would be fine during a hurricane.

These lifts are assembled and ready to go. They are simply put into place and ready to use immediately. In most cases, the stern section is submersible to accommodate all types of power boats. Additionally, the drive on boat lift is expandable, modular, and flexible, everything you would want in a boat lift.

Finally, you would enjoy the non-skid surface, tie-off cleats, provisioned for security systems, 360-degree walk around space, and more. The EMS technology and backup winch turret are other advantages to choosing this type of boat lift.

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