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Cantilever Lift

If you were in the market for a good, all-purpose lift, the cantilever lift would be an excellent consideration. Made rugged, these lifts have been used for a long time and have a strong reputation for being trouble free. The cantilever design is extremely reliable, partly due to the design, which has few moving parts.

Another huge advantage of the cantilever lift is the mechanical design. Because of this, the operation is smooth and easy during raising and lowering. The nice thing is that no matter how heavy the load, 700, or 4,800 pounds, you will find the perfect cantilever lift for the job. In fact, if you choose a model that under 2,400 pounds, you will enjoy a standard self-braking winch. Additionally, these models aong with some of the larger ones also come with a high-efficiency chain drive winch made by Hewitt, a leader in the industry.

While there are many different types of cantilever lift on the market, one that is very popular is the Wide āNā Long Body Lift. Built strong, this particular model of lift is designed with extra reinforcement to handle wide, long watercraft. Included is a standard boat cradle or if you prefer, you can choose the optional cradle system, which is the ideal solution for pontoon boats.

For the cradle system, you have several options there as well. For instance, consider the following:
  • Pontoon Rack Kit with Wood
  • Adjustable Aluminum Pontoon Rack Kit
  • Carpeted Wood Bed
The first two systems work by lifting underneath the deck of the pontoon, providing a guide as it is positioned. The third system offers two, fully adjustable bunks, which work by cradling the pontoon. Additionally, these bunks are covered with marine grade carpet for added and full length protection.

Then for cantilever lifts that accommodate 1,800 pounds and more, you will typically find these features:
  • Cable and pulley design that stays out of the water to provide better wear and longer life
  • Rubber end caps
  • Load-bearing surface pivot points, designed to prevent shearing
  • Load is carried by the frame when in the raised position, which works to reduce strain on the cable
  • Full backup plate on the winch and not just the washer
  • Durlak and stainless coatings on all bolts and nut hardware
Additional things you could have added include:
  • Canopies available in a nice variety of colors
  • Corner assist wheels
  • Centering guides
  • Bow and motor stops
  • Longer leveling legs

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